Transforming the Inner Man (Male Version)

Understanding the male psyche and the resulting behavior is something men have spent centuries trying to decipher. While it can be difficult to know why men don’t always express their emotions, it is even more difficult for them to change. This cutting-edge thought-provoking innovative presentation will challenge men to examine every aspect of manhood. Participants will learn valuable life-changing strategies to empower them further into manhood. Participants will walk away empowered, renewed, with concrete techniques to challenge this chaotic world.

Transforming the Inner Man (Female Version)

This dynamic, highly engaging, funny, thought-provoking interactive presentation will empower women to better understand men. They will learn the how-to when interacting with men. Participants will leave empowered and walk away with communication strategies, coping strategies, and empowered with the knowledge to better understand most men.

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