Our Mission

The purpose of Boys off the Hook is to develop and empower all students, especially African American males. The primary objective is to tap into the strengths of students through fostering positive relationships, developing character, empowerment, and motivation. In a society where some children are lacking motivation, Dr. Clay shares innovative, cutting-edge, thought-provoking strategies that will enhance the academic, social, and emotional levels of all students. The ultimate goal is to share strategies that will provide social, emotional, and academic support with the goal of academic and career success.

  • Shiri Rhodes
    “I enjoyed how you used music and movement to keep students and educators engaged in learning. Your strategies are practical for real-life lessons.”
    Shiri Rhodes
    Elkhart Middle School Richmond, Virginia
  • Artavia Acklin
    “Awesome! One of the best staff development sessions ever!”
    Artavia Acklin
    Clear Creek E.S. Shelbyville, Kentucky
  • Anthony Hart
    “Down to earth and excellent. This staff development workshop was one of the best in a long time. These strategies will relate to the kids of today.”
    Anthony Hart
    Kingsford Elementary School Mitchellville, Maryland
  • Ms. Kim Armstrong
    “What can I say excellent.”
    Ms. Kim Armstrong
    Glassmanor Manor Elementary School Forest Heights, Md
  • Mrs. Lynn Shorter
    “Flip was outstanding! His techniques will be a great asset to the teaching and learning process.”
    Mrs. Lynn Shorter
    J.O. Wilson Elementary School Washington, D.C.
  • Dr. Janet Williams Associate Superintendent
    “Flip should be heard by all teachers.”
    Dr. Janet Williams Associate Superintendent
    Boston City Public Schools
  • Ms. Joyce M. Bell
    “I met Flip in Tennessee. He came to Texas and my people were really excited about his workshop. I was to busy to see him to see him here in Atlanta. I was so impressed. “Flip is the truth!”
    Ms. Joyce M. Bell
    T.A.B.S.E. LaMarque, Texas
  • Dr. Martreece Watson
    “Thank you for your powerful presentation today at the NAME Conference. I was especially intrigued when you shared your Men Of Ardmore program. It’s important we help students alleviate their emotional constipation to achieve academically, socially and become leaders within their school.”
    Dr. Martreece Watson
    Assistant Professor, Gallaudet University
  • Ms. K. Thompson, M.Ed Professional School Counselor
    “Thank you for coming to Kenmoor. Your presentation made an impact on many of my students. This is the first break I’ve had since you left. Every five minute students were dismissed from class due to stirred emotions. Today was the first time many of our students were able to open up and share some of their issues and sorrows. I have a young lady that I kid and joke around with me every day and she never told me that her 5 older brothers are incarcerated. (All of them) Wow!! She could barely compose herself. Sometimes, kids just need to hear the truth from others (non family members and people who have lived what they are living and made it out successfully) to gain an appreciation for reality. Thank you for being their inspiration today.”
    Ms. K. Thompson, M.Ed Professional School Counselor
    Kenmoor Middle School
  • Justice Sonia Sotomayor
    “Thank you for being an extraordinary role model and leader."
    Justice Sonia Sotomayor
    United States Supreme Court
  • Lashelle Adams
    “I enjoyed Dr. Clay’s presentation. It was amazing!”
    Lashelle Adams
    (Parent Bishop Walker School for Boys)

The Diary of an Emotionally

Constipated Man