Dr. William “Flip” Clay

The Constipation Coach

My cutting-edge approach to emotional healing destroys certain theoretical methodology’s and replaces them with innovative out of the box techniques. I love utilizing certain theoretical approaches, real life experiences, and cultural conversations to bring about change. These tools are essential to identifying and flushing away Emotional Constipation. The only emotional problem some males have is their ego.

Dr. William “Flip” Clay

My coaching sessions include individual, group, and couples. I provide services for women, men, and youth. My four tier program is catered to your life. My program is broken down into four packages, Regular (87), Unleaded (89), Super Unleaded (91) and Premium (93). My real-life experiences, professional experience, track record and cultural understanding is one of the reason I’m known as the “The Constipation Coach.”


Contact us to discuss fees and schedule a Constipated Conversation. Your one click away from your healing.

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